W. Scott

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W. Scott

After having back surgery I experienced a lot of nerve damage and issues with muscles tightness and scar tissue.  At the suggestion of my physician, he recommended that I seek massage therapy.  I did some web searching and found the ad for Hands-On Therapies and researched their website.   I was very impressed with what they had to offer and decided to check it out.  At first I thought it would just give me some relief from the pain I was experiencing and I was a little skeptical about any benefits it would offer as far as helping with the healing process.   Making an appointment was great because they are open seven days a week!

After my first visit I was impressed with the knowledge of the therapist.  I was treated with compassion and understanding.   I immediately noticed a difference in the way I felt after my first session.  There was no pressure to continue coming for treatments as the results spoke for itself.   While it was a very relaxing experience it was also healing damaged caused from the trauma of having surgery.  I would recommend Hands-On Therapies to anyone that is seeking healing

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