Spa Therapies

Long-Term Results at an Affordable Price is Our Goal! 

Luxury Spa Therapies                                                                $85 60 min

Massage Facelift Facial – Gentle massage facial helps with tone and elasticity for both skin and facial muscles. Promotes younger looking healthy skin. Massage facial alleviates stress, anxiety, tension head aches, neck tension, face and eye puffiness. Massage strokes are gentle and creates a full body relaxation effect. Complete with optional cleanser, exfoliation, and moisturizer.

Salt/Sugar Glow – Choose between the Peppermint Cool Salt Glow or the Brown Sugar Lovin’ Glow. Both  glows are locally made with the best ingredients to enhance your experience. Aromatic, Brown Sugar Lovin’ Glow’s specially formulated to be the gentlest in exfoliation and best for clients with skin sensitivities. Peppermint Cool Salt Glow is recommended for normal skin types and leaves the skin feeling hydrated and energized. Which ever you choose between these gentle exfoliating treatments, your skin will have a silky feel and a youthful, healthy glow.

Mud Wrap – Revitalize your skin while pulling out impurities.  Specialty formulated mud contains Rose, Lavender, and Chamomile essential oils, to relax and sooth your spirit . You will be wrapped in a warm cocoon as the mud revitalizes and hydrates your skin, reducing joint pain and sore muscles. Warm wrap to relax, soothe sore ache muscles and revitalize skin.

Heaven Sent Spa Treatment                                             $190 – 2.5 hours

Choose a 60 min Treatment: Mud/Seaweed Wrap or Salt/Sugar Glow

Add Both: 60 min. Swedish Massage and 30 min. Massage Facial

Choose your Add-on : Hot Stone or Foot Rejuvenation Treatment


Free Aromatherapy with any session 60 min or longer

Aromatherapythe therapeutic use of essential oils to enhance individual physical and physiological health. Essential oils are volatile oils, which are derived from plant material, and have different therapeutic properties. Aromatherapy is a holistic approach to treating the whole person mind, body, and spirit. Choose from twelve different essential oils for diffusion during your next session. Click here for Essential Oils List!

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