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“I must let you know that I have been a very supportive client of Hands-On Therapies. I have found the best therapist in the St. Louis area. After a grueling week, I find comfort knowing I can come into Hands-On Therapies and relax and get the therapy my muscles need.

Thanks for doing such great work.”

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K P.

I have been a client of Hands-On Therapies for a few years now, and from my very first visit, I was hooked.  Although I now make appointments with a specific therapist, the first several times I just requested anyone that had an opening and I was always impressed, never disappointed.  Before finding Hands-On Therapies, I tried several other places in the area, only to leave with the thought that it wasn’t worth the money; that is definitely not the case here!  The massage tables are extremely comfortable and the therapists are truly the best in their profession. Also a note – they have online scheduling available, which is very convenient when you realize at 10 o’clock at night that you could really use a massage.  Speaking of, I’m going to schedule mine right now!  Thank you, Hands-On Therapies!

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Brook K.

First off, the location has changed to FeeFee Rd, across the street from Westport Plaza. I went in this week with a horrible headache (I suffer from migraines)- I  left work in the middle of the day to find a place that would take a walk-in, as I was in lots of pain. I called them and the receptionist got me in within the hour. I had the best massage I’ve had in years! The staff were so nice and accommodating- It was on time, she asked the right questions and the pressure was perfect. She really listened to what hurt and what I needed. She even offered me some folded towels to put under my shoulders when i laid on my stomach, as i have a large chest and couldn’t get comfortable trying to lay flat. No one has ever offered this in the years of massages that i’ve gotten, and it made a huge difference to my comfort. I have found a new favorite massage place! And thank goodness as the last 3 places I’ve been were terrible! Oh, and 1st time massages are $45! I didn’t know that going in, so it was just the cherry on top!  Also, there’s no sales pitch and pressure when you check out. They just give you a glass of water, a print out of their packages and your massage therapist’s card, with a coupon for your next massage!  Awesome. Thanks, Hands-on-Therapies! I am so appreciative for the therapy I received when I was in so much pain and they took me in. I will be back for sure!!!

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