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( Anyone )

After having back surgery I experienced a lot of nerve damage and issues with muscles tightness and scar tissue. At the suggestion of my physician, he recommended that I seek massage therapy. I did some web searching and found the ad for Hands-On Therapies and researched their website. I was very impressed with what they had to offer and decided to check it out. At first I thought it would just give me some relief from the pain I was experiencing and I was a little skeptical about any benefits it would offer as far as helping with the healing process. Making an appointment was great because they are open seven days a week! After my first visit I was impressed with the knowledge of the therapist. I was treated with compassion and understanding. I immediately noticed a difference in the way I felt after my first session. There was no pressure to continue coming for treatments as the results spoke for itself. While it was a very relaxing experience it was also healing damaged caused from the trauma of having surgery. I would recommend Hands-On Therapies to anyone that is seeking healing.

Treated with Compassion and Understanding

( W. Scott )

I suffer from both fibromyalgia and rheumatoid arthritis and can not imagine life without "Hands On Therapies". Anyone who has experienced any type of pain owes it to themselves to call "Hands-On Therapies" for an appointment! After all, they are open 7 days a week and have evening hours. I had tried various massage therapy from high-end spas to the nationwide massage chains, and never felt I was getting the relief I desperately needed. After years of pain, a doctor recommended "Hands-On Therapies". I was thrilled to finally experience relief of the pain I had experienced in my shoulders, and neck for many years. The therapist always takes time to ask questions and then apply their vast knowledge in the form of massage to help eliminate pain. The staff at "Hands on Therapies" is caring and compassionate. They truly care about their clients and want to make a difference by providing results that greatly improve their clients quality of life, by eliminating pain!!! Thank you so much!

Eliminate Pain!

( Debbie )

I went in this week with a horrible headache (I suffer from migraines)- I left work in the middle of the day to find a place that would take a walk-in, as I was in lots of pain. I called them and the receptionist got me in within the hour. I had the best massage I've had in years! The staff were so nice and accommodating- It was on time, she asked the right questions and the pressure was perfect. She really listened to what hurt and what I needed. She even offered me some folded towels to put under my shoulders when i laid on my stomach, as i have a large chest and couldn't get comfortable trying to lay flat. No one has ever offered this in the years of massages that i've gotten, and it made a huge difference to my comfort. I have found a new favorite massage place! And thank goodness as the last 3 places I've been were terrible! Oh, and 1st time massages are $45! I didn't know that going in, so it was just the cherry on top! Also, there's no sales pitch and pressure when you check out. They just give you a glass of water, a print out of their packages and your massage therapist's card, with a coupon for your next massage! Awesome. Thanks, Hands-on-Therapies! I am so appreciative for the therapy I received when I was in so much pain and they took me in. I will be back for sure!!!

Favorite Massage Place

( Brook K. )

I have been a client of Hands-On Therapies for a few years now, and from my very first visit, I was hooked. Although I now make appointments with a specific therapist, the first several times I just requested anyone that had an opening and I was always impressed, never disappointed. Before finding Hands-On Therapies, I tried several other places in the area, only to leave with the thought that it wasn’t worth the money; that is definitely not the case here! The massage tables are extremely comfortable and the therapists are truly the best in their profession. Also a note – they have online scheduling available, which is very convenient when you realize at 10 o’clock at night that you could really use a massage. Speaking of, I’m going to schedule mine right now! Thank you, Hands-On Therapies!

Convenient On-line Scheduling

( KP. )

“I must let you know that I have been a very supportive client of Hands-On Therapies. I have found the best therapist in the St. Louis area. After a grueling week, I find comfort knowing I can come into Hands-On Therapies and relax and get the therapy my muscles need. Thanks for doing such great work.”

Best Therapists in St. Louis

( Hank )

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